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General Appraising & Consulting Services, Inc. is a full service real estate appraisal firm dedicated to providing our clients professional, quality driven solutions for their valuation needs in the far Western North Carolina region.

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Company History

The roots for our appraisal firm began in the real estate business in 1994 when the firm principal began his career as a real estate broker with a small local company.  During these early years he shared responsibilities as both a salesman and a valuation consultant for the real estate firm of which he was associated.  Recognizing a need for appraisal and valuation related services in the local area our founder pursued this market vigorously and full time beginning in 1998 culminating with the establishment of General Appraising & Consulting Services, Inc. (GACS, Inc.) in 2001.  The new direction of GACS, Inc. allowed its founder to utilize his experience in and knowledge of the local markets, his formal education including a graduate level degree, and his desire to grow and serve his clientele in providing a wide range of services within the real estate valuation arena.

Since the founding of GACS, Inc. the firm has expanded both its services offered and the number of appraisers working exclusively for the firm.  Our clientele include the lending industry, government entities, corporate entities, professionals, and individuals alike.  We are in the business of solving problems for our clients.  Whether that be for asset valuation in relation to potential collateral for lending making decisions or complex litigation we have the experience and background necessary to assist you.

Allow us to assist you in solving your problems, addressing your concerns, or to provide the valuation services you may need as you invest in or loan on far Western North Carolina real estate.